Monday, December 30, 2019

If you take pictures of receipts, you'll like the Crop Document feature in Google Photos

This is a relatively new feature in Google Photos (Oct 2018), and it's only available on the Android version. If you took a photo of a receipt, a business card, or a full page document, it looks better if you crop the background out, and adjust the skew of the photo.
  1. Open the photo and tap the edit button Edit
  2. Now tap the last button on the right, the 9-dot grid
  3. You should see "Crop Document" at the top, tap that
  4. Try tapping the "Auto" button at the bottom, it should crop to the edges of the document
  5. If auto didn't do enough, you can drag any of the 4 corners into position manually
  6. Tap Done, then Save

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  1. In some Android models open gallery, open the photo you want to edit, click the three vertical dots on the top right of screen, choose and click on "Open in Photo Editor Pro" (don't worry there is nothing to buy just advance photo editing built in to Android) now click on the "Transform" icon bottom left, then finally click on the "Perspective" icon of a skewed 9 pane window or graph and one has the choice of changing or correcting a skewed imaged by perspective either horizontally or vertically or both. This should square up most photos of crooked or skewed images, but it can't fix a complicated square image that is skewed in multi-planes, just simple tilted in a one dimensional plane. For that one needs Photoshop like editing or simply retake the photo being more careful to square up all corners on the image. Good luck all!