Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Google Photos and Manual Face-tagging

People love the fact that Google Photos groups photos together by faces in the People section. And, they hate it when it doesn't get the people right. Now you can fix this with the Edit People option.

This new feature is available on all 3 platforms: computer/web, Android, and iOS.

Every picture has an info panel. On the computer/web version you click the i for info and it opens up the panel to the right. On mobile, you just swipe up on the picture to reveal the info panel. 
One section of the info panel is the People or Pets that are found in the photo. In this photo it notice 2 people but not the third.

Click the pencil to edit the people and you'll see your options to add or remove people. Notice that it now shows the third person. 

Add the missing person

If you want her to show up in your People albums, just click/tap the blue +. You will then have the option to add to an existing person album, or to create a new one. 

Remove an existing person

Notice the red - next to the two existing people. Click/tap that and that face will be removed from any people album. Why? Usually it's because they've been mis-identified. So, let's say that the man in this photo is not Jim Guld. You can remove him, then his face will show up with the blue + and you can re-add him to the correct people album.

What if a face is in the photo but doesn't show up at all

If Google doesn't see the face in the picture, there is nothing you can do. You'll need to take another picture and hope it does better next time. Faces do need to be generally facing front to be seen.

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