Thursday, January 9, 2020

Google Photos: How to share photos with a link, and not get a 404 error

There are several ways to share photos using Google Photos.
  1. Direct sharing with other Google Photos users
  2. Mobile only: Share to ... an app (this copies photo(s) and opens them up in the designated app. 
  3. Copy Link

How to share with a link, and make sure it's the right link

When I need to share with someone who doesn't use Google Photos, I like to use the share with link technique. I copy the link from Google Photos, then I paste it wherever my recipient is sure to see it, an email addressed to them, a text message, a Facebook post etc. Anyone who has the link can see the picture(s) represented by that link.

As long as it's the right link! You need to follow the proper steps, not just grab a link with the right-click/copy link method, or copying from the address bar. If you do grab the link with either of those two generic methods it will start with That is a link to your photo library and only you will be able to see it. Anyone you send it to will just see a 404:that's an error. The correct link should start with
Here's how you get the right link:

You can open just one photo, or you can select one or more with the little blue checkmark. On mobile devices long-press on the first image to get the blue checkmark and then just tap on subsequent images, or, you can drag across several pictures to select them all. On computer you can hover your mouse over the upper left corner and see the circle to click on to select it.
Click the share button, the share button looks different in Android and iPhone.

On the computer, you need to click the button to copy the link. On both iOS and Android the link is copied as it is created.
Notice how this link starts the correct way, with

I also use this technique to share photos in a public place, like this blog post. Here is a link to my album of photos for Morikami Gardens.

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  1. Chris,
    Unfortunately I dont use Google Photos every day - so apparently missed the the change - took a while to figure it out! KISS is not part of their vocabulary - much less process!!
    That's what happens when you have a monopoly or very little competition! Probably due to our 'owned'career politicians passing unfair regulations!
    Oh, well! What's new!?
    Thx for your response!!

  2. i can get the photos of my other account i can get the error 404

  3. 404 error also-- Google is SUCKING!!!!