Friday, April 7, 2017

How Many Photos are in your Google Photos Account?

Have you ever wondered what the count is of all your photos in your Google Photos account? I have a ton of photos going back to my first digital photos in 1999 - and even earlier by scanning old photos. Nearly every photo from my life is accessible thru Google Photos. I say that I have 60,000 photos. How do I know that?

Google Account Dashboard 

I just typed in into a chrome browser. It resolves to, and I had to re-enter my account password before it would show me details.
There is LOTS of information here about your Google account. In fact, you have to scroll down quite a ways before you see the photo information, but it is there.

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  1. Hi Chris,
    To my experience, the information given in the Dashboard may be completely wrong, because it counts in the "Album archive" (
    (1) The number of "albums" not only counts the albums you created, but also all daily albums created by Google, and shown in "Auto-Backup" in
    (2) The number of photos may also be incorrect:
    - If you created albums yourself, these photos may be counted twice
    - The Album Archive contains photos that are NOT in Google Photos,
    for example from Hangouts, Blogger
    - On a mobile device you can find a number when you want to attach photos to a Gmail,
    but that counts also photos on the device that are NOT uploaded to Google Photos.

    The only reliable way is to select ALL photos in Google Photos, which is quite a challenge.