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Since Google Photos is updated all the time, and we're always learning more, this book will also be updated. You can find the date of your book on the last page before the index in the paragraph with heading " - Book Updates."


If you're looking for a changelog for the Google Photos software, I pieced together this version history from my iPhone App store.

This is where we will keep track of changes that are being made to the book in order to keep it up to date. When the changes are substantial enough, we will reprint the book. You can find the date of your book on the last page before the index, in the paragraph headed

7/3/17: Limited Printing and eBook (not on Amazon yet)

  • p. 15 note: the mobile app must be open and active for backup and sync to occur. Especially in iOS
  • p.16 the circular arrow on photos no longer shows on Android devices when backup is happening, instead look to the top of the Photo library screen for a count of photos currently backing up
  • p. 18 Android Device folders - must now click on folder to open and then turn on setting for Backup & Sync
  • p. 24 Parts of Google Photos: added new Sharing section and description
  • p. 45 Added section on Archives
  • p. 50 added QR code to watch Button Show 119 on Photo Albums
  • p. 63 Android phone SD cards, updated to indicate that you can now delete from SD card, IF you go thru the steps to allow the permissions
  • p. 80 Added Photo Book to the Create section

12/16/16: First public printing.
  • Error in Index: page numbers are off. The accurate pages are 2-3 less than what got printed in the book. Here is the accurate index. Click the 4-arrow icon in the lower right to view full screen, then you will have options to print if you'd like.

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